Muse2Music is on Saturdays 2pm - 4pm on KJAY 1430AM and 98.1 FM Sacramento, California.

3 Ways to Listen when  Muse2Music is not on the air

1. Listen to Muse2music on Spotify

If you have a Spotify subscription and are logged into Spotify the songs will play in their entirety.. You may need to disable shuffling on the playlist so that the the introductions match with the songs (crossing arrows at bottom center of playlist within Spotify) The best way to use muse2music program is to listen to it while traveling, exercising, cleaning house or any other activity that does not require hearing.

2. Listen to Muse2music on YouTube

If you do not have Spotify or Soundcloud on your smartphone or just want an idea of what the program is like then you can play some of the muse2music combinations below.  YouTube is not the best way to listen to the Muse2Music program. No one should be staring at their smart phones playing Muse2music one video at a time. So please save a muse2music playlist in your music app, put on your headphones, and get something done while listening!

3. Listen to the Playlist on Sound Cloud

Click on the orange arrow below to start the free version of the Muse2Music playlist on Soundcloud. The free version uses cover songs, re-mixes and other recordings that the record companies do not lay claim to. There is also a full version that includes songs from the original artists for people who are subscribed to soundcouds Go+ service.Try starting the playlist on you smartphone, put on your headphones, and clean up around the house or go for a walk.

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