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3 ways to Listen to Muse2music


1. Listen to the audio stream on LIve365

The license used by live365 requires people click through to a play button and click again to start the audio stream. This stream includes all the original artists performing their top hit motivational songs. It's Free. Recommended that once you start the audio stream you put on your headphones and do something productive while listening to the stream. You can always find the stream by Googling " Muse2music live 365"

 2. Listen to the Muse2music Playlist on Youtube

Below there are links to our top story/song combinations. Click on any of song/artist to go directly to  the Youtube videos. Audio from the video always contain the original artist. Since Muse2music is about the meaning of the songs most of the videos show the lyrics as the music plays





3. Listen to the Playlist on Sound Cloud

Click on the orange arrow below to start the free version of the Muse2Music playlist on Soundcloud. The free version uses cover songs, re-mixes and other recordings that the record companies do not lay claim to. Try starting the playlist on you smartphone, put on your headphones, and clean up around the house or go for a walk.


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